Island Life



Island Life is HERE! 

For many years we've been building and nurturing a deep connection with Indonesia and it's people and the mutual love manifested itself in the birth of "ISLAND LIFE."  

With so much beauty everywhere - from top of the green mountains, till the bottom of the turquoise waters with endemic fauna and life hustlin' and bustlin' in sync and harmony everywhere it's no wonder that the locals are such accomplished artists. 

The vibrant and rich culture and traditions, still preserved and practiced to this day brings out a gifted and eminent artist in each house. From musicians, to painters, sculptors, poets, craftsmen and textile artisans the country is art in every corner you turn to. 

The locals also maintain a simple lifestyle and believe truly that happiness lies and thrives there - in connection with nature, in appreciation of the little things, in family values and pure hearts. 

Island Life is an unisex kimono shirt collection handmade by local artisans in Bali. It's inspired by life on the island - by the sea, by the lush jungles, by the simple pleasures, by wild adventures, by the bliss of being one with nature. 

With an effortless bohemian feel and a stylish yet casual look that adapts to every environment and situation the kimonos give you the feeling of freedom and joy of Island Life,

Ten percent of all profits are being donated to orphanages in Bali in food, clothes and school supplies. 

And while we're getting ready to announce our firsts stockists and launch the collection with worldwide shipping online follow us in the links below to know what's cooking in the house and be the first to know when new prints are coming. 

Download the look book HERE and get in touch to become a retailer.