Meadows In The Mountains


Meadows In The Mountains

Contribution can have many shapes and colors and if you look closely, you might find goodness unveiled at places you never expected and in forms you never thought of. 

From helping a stranger carry their bags or sharing an inspiring story that will awaken warmth and transformance within a human heart, to creating a festival at an "impossible" location driven solely from a pure love of making people happy. 

This is the case of Meadows In The Mountains

When I met Ben in Barcelona ten years ago and he told me about his dream to create a festival on top of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria - my homeland and probably the last place you would ever want to start doing anything that requires organisation and logistics due to it's remoteness, challenging terrain and lack of any supply, instead of laughing in wonder I immediately believed him and knew he would do it. I didn't know him, but I saw his thriving passion, love and honest heart. And that was about it. 

Ten years later, I visited the 8th edition of MITM, which thanks to those three virtues as core and supported by an outstanding team work has come to shape the most unique and special festival in the world. 

Inspiration and an example of how a loving soul, hard work and dedication to a selfless cause always wins, no matter the obstacles and cost.                                                                          I believe there is nothing more gratifying than that, and the proof you will see in every moment captured in the 1200 FRAMES OF HAPPINESS below by Georgi Panchev.

Meadows In The Mountains stands for an enviromentally-consciouss festival, with zero plastic policy, built only by recyclable materials and supports local communities.                              Beyond grateful for the support and contribution to Origin Of Hearts's cause and the opportunity to feature our project and raise consciousness.  

See you next year above the clouds!