Style Controversy

An intimate interview I recently did for Toronto based Fashion Marketing guru Raya from Style Controversy

Find out some more about me and my creative process, why the project was born, what inspires me and what’s next for Island Life and Origin Of Hearts as a conscious brand.


Seekers & Healers

S&H is a platform that aims to inspire conscious living and provide a guide to a meaningful life doing something you really care about.

Seekers & Healers founder Nat Ma intervies me on the challenge I’m trying to solve in the world and on the story of how I became who I am today.


Space Cadet Winter Issue

Some words for the MUSIC + CULTURE + ART print magazine Space Cadet founded by LA based electronic duo DANCE SPIRIT.

You can purchase your copy HERE and selected stores in California.

Listen to SPACE POD 001


Style Controversy

From the corporate fashion world to the most remote corners of the world and tribal adventures.

Read on the personal metamorphosis and the birth of Origin Of Hearts.

Words by Style Controversy.


Under The Line

The online publication exploring urban life and culture through intelligent visually-oriented content.

Style, People, City, Pop Culture

Article in Bulgarian on my personal life, aspirations and the story of how it all came to be.