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"To me we are missing LOVE"


An incredibly talented artist with a pure and magical soul, Jeff was born in Ghana and grew up in France and England, having his first connection with music at the age of 8. 

Today, he lives in Barcelona, and besides constantly working on new music in the studio, Jeff Darko has his own weekly live African music series of events at Eat-Carribean, does top notch marketing consulting and when not couching some friend into healthy life and sports at Soho House he is busy with boxing. 

Find more about his inspirations, drive and ways of contributing in today's world and check out his latest video and the stunning images we shot together for our first collection - The Maasai Jewel in collaboration with Ritual Gatherings

  • What is music to you? - Music is my best friend.
  • Where do you get inspiration from for your songs? - It depends, some my personal experiences, dreams and what i have generally witnessed. 
  • What does it mean to be healthy? -  Health to me is the ability to operate at a high performance level mentally and physically.
  • How would you best describe life in Ghana, France and England with one sentence.  -  Life in Ghana was insightful, it has made me who I am today. French way of living was not always easy but in the end I did overcome the challenges. UK style is some how similar to the Ghanaian life, I feel at home in all 3 countries.
  • You have a big heart, how do you manage handling all the injustice in the world on a personal level? My spirituality keeps me on that flow state, not always easy but that's my source.
  • In the current situation of the world I’m sure you’d agree that it’s our responsibility to contribute and help others in any possible way we can. And the ways are many: from raising consciousness and inspiring others, being physically active with volunteer work, donating recycled items, to sponsorship, etc. As an artist and a person, tell us a little bit about your ways of doing it? I am currently serving my duty by helping the african street sellers in Barcelona. A lot of these sellers love music and arts as much as I do so I created a platform for them to share their first love with locals and tourists. This way both worlds win, discovery of a new style of music and an avenue for the sellers to make money doing what they love.
  • What do you think causes misbalance in the world and do you believe there is hope for equality and peace? I can't confirm the cause but to me we are missing LOVE. I will always have faith in change.
  • What should each person strive to do on a local level for us to achieve a global result? - Love Love Love.
  • What power do you think music has in today’s society and do you think artists in general are using their full potential to send motivational messages and impact society’s model of behaviour? Music has the ability to transform lives, the most powerful tool musicians have! I still think some musicians still have work to do to uplight a better message.
  • Which are the artists that in your opinion are doing this the best? Stevie wonder is a prime example.
  • Give us your song that triggers goodness and opens and expands the heart.My latest record "Dynamite" was inspired to motivate and inspire positivity. 


Photography: Sandro Arabyan

Models: Jeff Darko & Vivienne Sandra

Make up & Hair: Regina Khapirova

Clothes: OM Concept Store